Monday, April 07, 2008

Dan Arthurs - What's Under That Dress?

Are any of you sick of hearing about Dan Arthurs?!!?! No? Good! He has released another video via youtube that appears to be a somewhat distorted version of Wilson Pickett's "What's Under That Dress?". The video appears below as well as Pickett's original version. Don't stop now Dan!!

Wilson Pickett - What's Under That Dress?


butler said...

Hey Gnomead, I think that video is amazing-I too am fascinated by the elusive Dan Arthurs. I don't think he is covering Wilson Pickett though-WP is asking "What's UNDERNEATH that dress?" as the lead-in to a turnaround to get to a chorus whereas DA is asking "What's UNDER that dress" repeatedly as a kind of twisted chorus in itself, and the song melody and structure are totally different. Who is that sick fucker doodling around on the keyboard? Could THAT be DA?

gnomead said...

Yeah I think you're right about the Wilson Pickett thing. It says on the youtube page "featuring Joe Baxley" So I guess that might be the guy in the video, or maybe Baxley is playing on the track and that is DA in the video. I'm not pretty sure. Glad to see that someone shares my obsession though. :)