Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jets to Brazil demo

I finally got a hold of some of those JTB tracks I was looking for. (Thanks Eric!) Here's a live version of an unreleased track "Tender Criminal" and another version of "Rose" that Blake did himself from the JTB Demo.

Jets to Brazil - Tender Criminal (Live)
Jets to Brazil - Rose (Demo)


Aquarium Drunkard just alerted me to the presence of not one but two new Will Johnson albums coming out this June!! Fuck Yes! That's one prolific motherfucker!!!

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GrittyMcScruff said...

Thanks for posting these gnomead!

I had never been able to track down any live/rare JTB. I saw another post where you mention another live show, and some other demos, but the links are dead. Any chance you could send to my email, or repost? Would be much appreciated. Thanks again.