Monday, March 24, 2008


Speaking of centro-matic I came across this rare demo tape the other day. Non-Directional Jetpack Race is a cassette released in 1995 by Will "One Prolific Motherfucker" Johnson and his band centro-matic. I've always loved their earlier stuff so I pretty much adore this tape and had to share it with everyone. Not too much info I can find about it other than a post Will wrote on some forum back in 2003 commenting on the song "Fan in my Car":

Andy Huffstetler and I wrote it on a rainy assed Autumn night in 1991. It was the night that Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV to be exact. We drove to Bill's Records in his old Ford Taurus where I picked up Dinosaur Jr's "Whatever's Cool With Me" on cassette. We then went back to Denton, sat in his living room drinking some Glenfiddich scotch out of plastic tumblers, and wrote the song. I played acoustic and he sat on the edge of the couch and sang. It was written in about fifteen minutes.
I also read on that forum that Will was once a member of legendary Dallas band Baboon for a short time! If anyone has other info on this recording please share.

centro-matic - Non-Directional Jetpack Race

1. Scoreless Tie #2
2. Fall Of The Scenester Girl
3. Quart Date
4. Slip Away
5. My Supermodel Girlfriend Gone AWOL
6. Caught Between Us
7. Misunderstanding Surplus In The Getaway Car
8. Hit The Sky, Hit This Guy
9. My Test
10. Livingston
11. Unnamed
12. Ride It Out
13. The Execution Of Some Sixty-Odd Drummers
14. Fan In My Car [Baboon]
15. Sack Of The Gorgon Empire
16. Vincent Goes Important
17. Pretty Wholesome Is The Eggplant II
18. We Are Wrecking This Show
19. Keep The Phoenix In Slow Motion
20. A Common Display
21. Calling Up The Bastards
22. Call The Legion In Tonight
23. The Day Of The Rock Show (Curb Your Turbulence)



Thomas said...

Link to Baboon BBS.

Below is a quote from Mike Rudnicki of Baboon. He made Sausage available for download on their BBS in early January. Currently the link to download Sausage doesn't work.

I got ahold of a DAT player (thanks Josh) and created mp3s of "Sausage," which was the second tape Baboon put out in 1992. It features Bart Rogers on bass, Will Johnson on drums, and Andrew's vocals in all of their blood-curdling glory. Sam McCall sings backup on "Fan In My Car." Enjoy...


P.S. I'm going to do the same with "ed Lobster," the first tape, at some point. Mike Guerrero, my friend who recorded it on his 8-track Tascam cassette recorder, has the 2-track master and is going to enhance and digitize it when he gets the time.

THOMAS said...

After listening to both versions of Fan In My Car they are definitely from two different recording sessions. The version in N-D Jetpack Race is subdued and mellow and 4:46. The version in Sausage uses the Pixies formula of quiet verse loud chorus and is 3:59.