Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Daniel Johnston

I finally sat down and watched The Devil and Daniel Johnston last night and it left me with a head full of his songs. I can't recommend the film enough to everyone. It's painful to watch sometimes but I think it helps bring you into Daniel's world. I've embedded it below for those who haven't seen it. (thanks to Best Free Documentaries) I went on a search for Daniel Johnston covers and collected a few for you here. The band "P" was fronted by Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers on vocals and Johnny Depp on guitar/bass.

Bright Eyes - Devil Town (Daniel Johnston cover)
Clem Snide - Dont Let the Sun Go Down On Your Grievience (Daniel Johnston cover)
Doug Martsch - Some Things Last A Long Time (Daniel Johnston cover)
M. Ward - To Go Home (Daniel Johnston cover)
Wilco - True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston cover)
P - I Save Cigarette Butts (Daniel Johnston cover)

Daniel Johnson - God Only Knows (Beach Boys cover)

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meme_mutation said...

That's a great documentary... even though I thought the movie made him seem a bit too pitiful in the end. His story isn't over yet, and it looks like he's getting more famous every day.

I really like that kind of story though... the ones that raise questions about the gray area between genius and insanity.

Anyway, thanks for the tracks. If I had to pick some favorites, at the moment, I'd say: "Hey Joe", "Urge", and "Casper the Friendly Ghost"