Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sonic Youth

This is the first public performance of Sonic Youth.

"The songs performed bear some resemblance to later SY tracks in some elements (the first piece has Burning Spear's drumbeat, Thurston's vocals on one song are reminiscent of I Don't Want to Push It...), but are entirely unique. They don't sound completely improvised, either."

06/18/81 - Noise Festival @ White Columns NYC, NY

01. Unknown Song 1
02. Unknown Song 2
03. Unknown Song 3
04. Unknown Song 4
05. Unknown Song 5


If you would like the flac files please contact me.


Clay Russell said...

Rip rip:

Fran├žois said...

fantastic !!!!

where did you get it ?

I'm a big SY fan & collector

Do you have some other rarities ?

I've got nearly everithing they did, except the Master-Dick EP

Please contact me at