Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Silver Jews

Has anyone noticed that Dave Berman names a lot of songs after cities? And by a lot I mean three. And by three I mean two, because one of them is a state. What's your favorite?

Silver Jews - Dallas

Silver Jews - New Orleans
Silver Jews - Tennessee

Silver Jews on Myspace


Clay Russell said...

The lyrics to Dallas are f-ing incredible.

gnomead said...

I think you meant "fucking", and yes that's my favorite too. I can't wait till my record goes aluminum.

Chance said...

My favorite SJ song is "honk if you're lonely."

JustStopIt! said...
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jasonspaceman said...

My favorite is Tennessee, but I'm biased since I live in Nashville. The lyrics are fun, and I really dig the the twangy guitar. I made a ringtone out of it for when my wife calls me - the last two "mister missus Tennessee" phrases in the song.