Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Neutral Milk Hotel

I most likely got this recording from Optical Atlas the Elephant 6 blog, but you can always use another mirror of great music. This is an EP put out by Orange Twin in 2001 I believe.

Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything Is

01 Everything Is
02 Snow Song, Pt. 1
03 Aunt Eggma Blowtorch
04 Tuesday Moon


Clay Russell said...

I saw The Apples In Stereo and Television last weekend. It was hot fire.

Little known fact: the singer of the Deathray Davies is now the drummer for The Apples.

gnomead said...

Yes, I knew that. Littler known fact: There are communist unicorns...

gnomead said...

An even littler know fact is that C86 actually stands for a backwards 69 position (ass-to-mouth) whilst making circle 8's with your tongue on your partners ass. The C86 mix tape was just a video compilation of various people performing this act.

Clay Russell said...