Thursday, June 14, 2007


Not sure where I got this one but thought I'd share it. I'll let this guy explain...

I obtained this tape from a man (who shall remain nameless) who got it
from someone who owned a record store in Silver Lake. That man was given the 4-track tape by Beck in 1992. The title "Beck, Like the Beer"
appears on a piece of paper included with the tape, but that was the
only info. The two unknown songs are great pieces of early beck material. Accordin, and the last unknown track is a little noisy jam. According
to the man who gave me this, my CD copy is THE ONLY CD copy in existence! There are only a few other copies floating around and are all 4-tracks. Please enjoy "Beck, Like the Beer."


Beck, Like the Beer

Beck - Unknown
Beck - Hollow Log (Demo)
Beck - Gettin' Home (Take 1)
Beck - Gettin' Home (Take 2)
Beck - Puttin' It Down
Beck - Unknown
Beck - Unknown

ZIP FILE(fixed)

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Gerard said...


Title: Beck, Like The Beer
Release type: Unreleased/Leaked
Release date: 1992 (unknown date)
Format: Cassette (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown

1. Today
2. Hollow Log
3. Gettin' Home
4. Gettin' Home
5. Puttin It Down
6. Watchtower Magazine
7. Bonus Beer Noise