Friday, May 25, 2007

Ween - Chocolate and Cheese Demos

I promised more Ween demos and here they are! Chocolate and Cheese is probably my favorite Ween album, but only a few of these demo songs actually made it to the final album. There's a couple of demos of "Gabrielle" here which showed up on Ween's B-Side Album Shinola. Ween is releasing The Friends EP June 8th and holding off on the full length album until later this year. I'm only posting a few mp3's to save bandwidth so use the ZIP file download. Enjoy!

01.I Still Love You
02.Short Span Of Attention
03.Ode To Rene
04.Feed The Fire
05.Mango Woman
06.Gabrielle (1)
07.Freedom of 76' (1)
08.Buckingham Green (clean)
09.Take Me Away
10.Sweet Texas Fire
11.Spinal Menengitis (Got Me Down)
12.Buckingham Green (2)
13.Gabrielle (2)
14.The Rift
15.Pass The Bong (young chou lin)
17.Freedom of 76' (2)
18.Buckingham Green (hiss)

ZIP file

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