Thursday, May 17, 2007

Now With Even More Beulah!

I got this show from Dean over at SUF. I haven't been able to find any other live Yoko tracks. Does anyone else have any? I really like the version of "Hey Brother" I think you will too. Please use the ZIP file to save my bandwidth!

Beulah - 2004-06-01 Washington, DC Black Cat

01 - Intro
02 - Gene Autry
03 - Don't Forget to Breathe
04 - Landslide Baby
05 - Popular Mechanics for Lovers
06 - Emma Blowgun's Last Stand
07 - Gravity's Bringing Us Down
08 - Fooled With the Wrong Guy
09 - A Good Man Is Easy To Kill
10 - Hovering
11 - If We Can Land on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart
12 - Wipe Those Prints and Run
13 - Silver Lining
14 - Encore Break
15 - Disco: The Secretaries Blues
16 - Hey Brother
17 - Your Mother Loves You Son
18 - Me and Jesus Don't Talk Anymore
19 - Night is the Day Turned Inside Out

ZIP File


That Truncheon Thing has an excellent point/counterpoint review of the new Wilco record. Which side do you fall on?


Hejiz said...

Thank you very much

gnomead said...

No problem, let me know if there is anything you're looking for.

Hejiz said...

Yeah man. As you i love beulah and some elephantisms. and i believe in your taste for music. May i recommend your blog for my friends?

gnomead said...

By all means yes! Recommend away!

Regis said...

Your blog is in my favourites. Thank you. If i could help you in some brazilian discography band or whatever, tell me!

Will said...

ahhh i was at this show!