Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Doug Martsch

Come bask in the warm glow of Doug Martsch solo. This is the second
of three nights he played at St. John's. I have the third night as well and
will post it in the future. This show kicks so much ass I won't even
say any more. Just listen.

Doug Martsch 3-24-02 @ St. John's Pub Portland, OR

01 The First Song
02 The Night has Opened my Eyes (The Smiths)
03 Still Flat
04 Tarpit (Dinosaur Jr.)
05 Things never shared
06 Some Things Last A Long Time (Daniel Johnston)
07 Trouble (Cat Stevens)
08 I would hurt to fly
09 Offer
10 Dream
11 Something (the beatles)
12 Five on Three
13 Hard Times (Skip James)
14 The Weather
15 Try Me (Bob Marley)
16 That's how Strong my Love Is (Otis Redding)

Full show download

Also..I've been trying to piece together a tracklist for the
Pavement post a few days ago. I've added what I know so far.
If anyone wants to help please comment on the post.

also.. KOSBEES!!!!!!

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