Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dan Arthurs

Do any of you have a CD that you treasure because you know that very few people have heard it? Dan Arthurs' "Your Stinky Pinky" is mine. I received this CD from my brother back in 1995. He told me he got it in the bargain bin of a small CD shop in New York. I've tried to contact Mr. Arthurs' several times to find out any info on current projects, but to no avail. I was searching around the other day and came across this picture of a Dan Arthurs playing mandolin in an Alt-Country band in Brooklyn in the early 90's called Tandy.

Too much of a coincidence? I don't know. Does anyone have any info on this guy or any info on Tandy? I'd love to know. Here are two of my favorite songs from "Your Stinky Pinky".

Arthurs - Orchid Song
Arthurs - Protest Song

Bonus Song! Arthurs - Your Stinky Pinky


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this is his band