Friday, May 11, 2007

Cut The Wires

Cut the Wires were a great little band until the jackass lead singer decided to become some solo little folksy fucker, who apparently loves looking at ceilings. This is an EP they put out which features none of their hits, because they never had any. Oh and if the bass player was less of a big bald dickhead things might have went a little better too. Enjoy!

01 - Cut The Wires - So Long, So What
02 - Cut The Wires - Antisocial
03 - Cut The Wires - I hold on
04 - Cut The Wires - Kittens!

Check out the solo little folksy fucker's Myspace

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chris said...

Cool post. Hey, on song 3, who do they say should be president? PS. I like the labels. "solo little folksy fucker"!! haha

gnomead said...

I believe it says chicken teriyaki?