Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Beach Boys - Get The Boot Vol. 1

While sifting through the site's stats I noticed quite a few of you were downloading The Beach Boys songs I posted awhile back. Well lucky for us, I found some more! There are some real gems on this bootleg, I'm listening to it for my third time right now and I'd rather be doing that then talking to you, honestly. Look for Volume 2 in the weeks ahead or just go find it yourself now.


The Beach Boys - Get The Boot Vol. 1

1. Beginning Of The End
2. Thank Him
3. Side Two
4. Back Home
5. Can't Wait Too Long
6. Lonely Days
7. Mona Kani
8. Break Away
9. Won't You Tell Me
10. Back Home
11. Back Home
12. Walkin'
13. It's A New Day
14. Barbara
15. Add Some Music To Your Day
16. Slip On Through
17. Slip On Through
18. Our Sweet Love
19. I'm Going Your Way
20. 'Til I Die
21. Surf's Up
22. Rollin' Up To Heaven
23. I've Got A Friend
24. Here She Comes
25. Fairy Tale Music

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