Friday, April 27, 2007


As some of you know I fucking love the band Beulah. I've been really impatient about waiting for a solo album from Miles, so I've been trying to find everything I can. I recently came across some live mp3's, here they are covering Talking Heads and The Troggs.

Beulah - Psycho Killer(Talking Heads Cover)

Beulah - With a Girl Like You(The Troggs Cover)

BONUS SONG! : Beulah - Disco ( The Secretaries Blues) Live @ The Metro

Visit Beulah's homepage:


Rich said...

Nice, thanks.

Go get yourself a Filexoom and/or Fileden account in the meantime. They're free, and they'll prob get you by for a while.

Matt said...

nice post man, i didnt have these.

Will said...

you made my day

gnomead said...

Glad I could help!

sway7 said...

I can no longer complaqin about the lack of Beulah although I WILL 'cause I fucking love 'em too.
thanks for the tunes.