Monday, April 30, 2007

Jets To Brazil

Continuing my lamenting of bands no longer with us today is Jets To Brazil. I recently came across these Orange Rhyming Dictionary era demos that I had not had the pleasure of hearing. The quality isn't too good, but I'm sure most of you fans will enjoy them anyways.

jets to brazil demo 01 - Morning New Disease
jets to brazil demo 02 - Resistance Is Futile
jets to brazil demo 03 - Chinatown
jets to brazil demo 04 - Lemon Yellow Black
jets to brazil demo 05 - King Medicine
jets to brazil demo 06 - Rose

Updated Zip File HERE


If anyone's interested, some guy is selling a silkscreen JTB concert poster that features an "S.O.S. J.T.B." tattoo on E-bay...

Saturday, April 28, 2007


I had an entirely different post planned for today but I came across this band that I just had to share with you. In 2004 Terrene recorded a demo and sent it to legendary producer Phil Ek(Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Stephen Malkmus). Apparently he was blown away and decided to help them record a full length version. Three years later the final record, "Indifferent Universe", has still not been released. John Dylan, the bands lead singer/guitarist, has been refining it into what he calls "a 42-minute mini-epic". The new release date is slated for 7/17/2007 on Wax Orchard, let's hope they get it out this time. Here are two tracks from the demo version of "Indifferent Universe".

Terrene - Fifty-One

Terrene - Makr

Visit Terrene on Myspace!

Bonus Video! "Fifty-One" on YouTube

Friday, April 27, 2007


As some of you know I fucking love the band Beulah. I've been really impatient about waiting for a solo album from Miles, so I've been trying to find everything I can. I recently came across some live mp3's, here they are covering Talking Heads and The Troggs.

Beulah - Psycho Killer(Talking Heads Cover)

Beulah - With a Girl Like You(The Troggs Cover)

BONUS SONG! : Beulah - Disco ( The Secretaries Blues) Live @ The Metro

Visit Beulah's homepage:


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