Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All links broken

I now blog at All links on this blog are broken, with the exception of a few that I've planted just to fuck with you. See if you can find them!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dust Congress

My good friend Sasquatch 1 turned me on to this band Dust Congress. We took a trip down to Deep Ellum to see them perform with a trumpet player and it blew me away. I haven't been able to find any recordings with the trumpet player yet, but I did come across a performance they did recently on The Good Show on KTCU. I've packed all the tracks including the interview portion into a ZIP file for your downloading pleasure.

Dust Congress Live on the Good Show KTCU 5-11-08

01 Dust Congress - Lynx
02 DC Interview 1
03 Dust Congress - untitled - pls thx - tk (live on The Good Show KTCU)
04 DC interview 2
05 Dust Congress - Name as A Diamond (live on The Good Show KTCU)
06 DC Interview 3
07 Dust Congress - Banal


Dust Congress plays a FREE show tonight at Dan's Silver Leaf at 7:00


I found a video of DC including the trumpet!

And I'm finding an assload more of videos with the trumpet here

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mates of State - Re-Arrange Us

Mates of State is streaming their new album Re-Arrange Us at their myspace here.

Here is a rip of one of my favorites so far and a video for "Get Better".

Mates of State - The Re-Arranger

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Miles Kurosky

Oh, so I opened my e-mail today and I had received a message from Miles. He has one song up at a new Myspace page. Check it here. It's so very nice to hear some music from him again. I can tell I'll be smiling all day.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I've been building my Spoon collection for some time now and I'd like to share some of the shit I've found. Enjoy!

01 spoon - stay don't go (demo)
02 spoon - decora (yo la tengo cover)
03 spoon - lines in the suit (demo)
04 spoon - operation in progress (spoon rarity)
05 spoon - you got yr cherry bomb (demo)
06 spoon - i summon you (demo)
07 spoon - i turn my camera on (demo)
08 spoon - this is a whipping (drake tungsten)
09 spoon - i can't believe that kurt cobain is dead (drake tungsten)
10 spoon - the underdog (demo)

Download all the tracks HERE